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Promoters Of The Finest Autoflowering Seeds Cannabis Strains 

Genuine Autoflowering seeds now offer faster harvests, improved quality cannabis buds, a variety of highs, smells and flavours and above all, one of the easiest ways to grow Cannabis indoors.

All of the very best Cannabis Seed Banks from around the world, now offer autoflowering seeds as part of their collections. Established Cannabis Cup winning breeders including Big Buddha Seeds, Green House Seeds Company, Barneys Farm and Sensi Seed Bank offer Autoflowering seeds as well as their standard, regular Cannabis seed collections.


Autoflowering Seeds Categories


Cheese Autoflowering Seeds  

Click Here For The Cheese Autoflowering Seeds CollectionThe UK's most sought after and only Cannabis Cup winner, Big Buddha Cheese is available as autoflowering seeds, together with a wide number of alternative auto cheese seeds, all from established and respected breeders.Growing Autoflowering cheese seeds, you can deliver a complete harvest within 8 weeks from the beginning of its vegetative stage. Top quality cheese buds in much faster times. Smell the cheese with this delicious selection of Cheese autoflowering seeds. 


Skunk Autoflowering Seeds 

Click Here For The Skunk Autoflowering Seeds CollectionBefore the Cheese there was Skunk, a pungent, potent form of cannabis, originally created by the Sensi Seeds Bank, and it was from a packet of Skunk #1 seeds that the Cheese was found, cultivated and named. Skunk based autoflowering seeds offer heavy yields of Indica dominant buds with a heavy stoned effect. Offering a wide and diverse selection of skunk autoflowering seeds, from single seed purchases to buying bulk autoflowering seeds with heavy discounts, click through the picture and find out how cheaply you can start growing skunk autoflowering seeds. 


AK Autoflowering Seeds 

Click Here For The AK Autoflowering Seeds CollectionIf you like your weed to hit you fast and hard try the AK autoflowering seeds collection. Looking for "Bag Appeal" AK strains look, taste and smell like a smokers dream. Be prepared to go Red-Eyed, strains like Pyramid seeds Auto Tutankhamon have recorded THC levels in excess of 25%. Purchasing AK autoflowering seeds from any of the respected and registered breeders we promote will also qualify you for more free autoflowering seeds. Together with discreet, free shipping to all of the UK and mainland Europe, and stealth shipping to the USA, we help to provide autoflowering seeds world-wide.


 Blue Autoflowering Seeds 

Click Here For Blue Autoflowering Seeds

 Blueberry cannabis was such a success it was incorporated into many strains, even before it began appearing in autoflowering seeds and strains. Blue Cheese became a legend and is still one of the most sought after strains of Cannabis in Amsterdam. However, the autoflowering seeds have also used it when breeding with their Ruderalis strains. Blue autoflowering seeds contain that juicy, sour taste, almost chemical to some, which is especially enhanced in the Blue Cheese range. Combine that fragrance and taste, with the power of an AK A7 , the sky is the limit. 


Haze Autoflowering Seeds 

Click Here For The Haze Autoflowering Seeds CollectionAlmost all Haze strains are Sativa cannabis based and require a lot longer to fully flower and mature compared to Indica cannabis plants. Growing Haze autoflowering seeds reduces the overall time needed as the growing and flowering is simultaneous, rather than separated as it is with the feminised varieties. Growing Haze autoflowering seeds requires 100 days from seed to harvest and once mature offers a Sativa high, unparalleled by any Indica strain. Combining quick flowering varieties in your grow room with the longer flowering Haze varieties will provide a constant supply of both Indica and Sativa autoflowering cannabis. 


Diesel Autoflowering Seeds 

Click Here For Diesel Autoflowering SeedsDiesel strains of cannabis require a longer flowering time to the other American favourite, OG Kush, but the high and taste provided by strains such as New York Sour Diesel are unparalleled.  Offering the widest selection of genuine diesel autoflowering seeds, from all of the very best producers across the world. Many Seed Banks and producers provide The Original Sensible Seeds Company with free seeds to use as promotions. Timing the purchase or strains when you buy autoflowering seeds will gain you even more free cannabis seeds than the usual give-away's. 


Kush Autoflowering Seeds 

Click Here For Kush Autoflowering SeedsFat, dense, rock solid buds that pack a couch-locking, Indica stoned feeling, that's what you get with all the best Kush strains, and autoflowering seeds are no exception. Kush strains originated in the Hindu Kush mountains and with short flowering time, were a perfect addition for the Ruderalis gene.  Purple Kush seeds and strains are also a firm favourite with many outdoor growers, being more resilient to colder climates that many of the Sativa based autoflowering seeds. You can see the complete collection of Kush autoflowering seeds by clicking the picture. 


 Northern Lights Autoflowering Seeds 

Click Here For Northern Lights Autoflowering SeedsNorthern Lights were one of the best original forms of feminized seeds, and it's buds are a firm favourite in all the Amsterdam Coffee Shops. One of the most colourful flowering strains of cannabis with a rich Indica high supplied by an abundance of THC, a highly valued strain of Medical Marijuana in the United States of America. There has never been a better time to buy many of the Northern Lights autoflowering seeds collection, with many of the breeders offering extra free seeds with all purchases. Check out the latest free seed offers from Experts Seeds, World of Seeds, Kannabia, Vision Seeds and Samsara. 


 White Widow Autoflowering Seeds 

Click Here For White Widow Autoflowering SeedsWhite Widow seeds were the first feminised seeds to be created and stabilized. It made sense to use such a stable strain for the basis of a great selection of autoflowering seeds. Some of the very best breeders have now made White Widow a standard part of their autoflowering seeds collection. From the Bulldog to Barney's, The Green House to the Grasshopper, all the most popular Coffee Shops in Amsterdam stock White Widow, and much of it is the autoflowering seeds varieties. It's fast, stable and yields a high quality product every time. Perfect for a cash cropper. 


Fastest Autoflowering Seeds 

Click Here For The Fastest Autoflowering SeedsGrowing autoflowering seeds using the Sea-Of-Green technique, is ideal indoors. Set up to produce just top cola's, the square metre return using the Sea-Of-Green techniques offers the indoor grower the fastest way of producing fast, worth-while harvests, and a return on their investment. Many super-fast autoflowering seeds are available as single seeds, giving you the chance to try a variety of strains before deciding on the best one for you. Offers also provide additional seeds from promoted breeders, even with small purchases, giving you the chance to grow an even greater selection of autoflowering seeds. 






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