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The Wedding Cake Cannabis strain took the Cannabis community by storm when they were released. Created from Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, the low-odor and and gentle vanilla flavor makes your mouth water and leaves you wanting more.

With the addition of the Ruderalis gene, you can now buy Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds online. Almost anyone, regardless of their experience,  now has the opportunity to grow their own high quality Cannabis buds for a fraction of their retail cost.

Traditional feminized seeds have separate growing and flowering cycles, depending upon the number of light hours the plants receive. Autoflowering seeds grow and flower simultaneously from sprouting, under any number of light hours. They produce their best harvests during the very height of Summer, when the plants are receiving long hours of strong, direct sunlight.

Growing Wedding Cake Autoflowering Seeds.

With a total growing and flowering time of 9 – 10 weeks, it doesn’t take long for these Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds to fully mature ready to harvest. With very little attention or care, these ‘throw-and-grow’ seeds are perfect for all. From first-time growers to experienced gardeners. Expect generous harvests of between 4 – 6 oz per plant when cultivated outdoors, throughout the Summer months.

Indoor growers can also experience and enjoy growing Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds and benefit from its fast harvests. By setting their lights to an 18/6 on/off cycle, they can grow and flower their plants in a single room. This eliminates the need for separate vegetative and flowering areas.

Although many people enjoy the strong smell that some strains produce, for many growers discretion and security are key. A strong, pungent skunk aroma can soon attract unwanted attention. Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds produce buds that are identical to traditionally grown buds. Enjoy the same subtle vanilla flavor and aroma with a nutty, ginger after-taste.

THC levels are good, between 17% – 20%, producing an energizing and invigorating high. It can relax the body, without the ‘couch-locking’ efforts that other potent, Indica dominant strains can induce.

CBD levels are low, under 1%. However, the buds can help to reduce stress and tension, leaving the user feeling uplifted and energized. Often used as a form of natural pain-relief, it can reduce muscular and joint aches. It can also help to increase the appetite and suppressing nausea.


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