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Jack Herer Auto SeedsThe Jack Herer marijuana strain was originally created during the 1980’s by Sensi Seed Bank in Amsterdam. Combining three varieties of Indica with a dominant Haze Sativa, they created one of most exceptional medical marijuana strains possible. Now available as an automatic strain.

Jack Herer autoflowering seeds contain all the best loved traits and characteristics of the feminized version. However,  it’s quicker to mature, and much easier to grow, making it a perfect choice for both beginners and veteran growers alike.

Stabilized and feminized, each Jack Herer autoflowering seed is guaranteed to produce the highest quality plant in the shortest possible time.

Autoflowering strains produce their best yields when subjected to the maximum number of light hours possible. Their ability to grow, flower and mature simultaneously reduces the time from seedling to complete maturity to the bare minimum.

Once germinated and established as seedlings, Jack Herer autoflowering plants develop quickly, combining the growing and flowering stages together.

The result is a dense, compact plant of around a meter tall that needs little care or attention to produce the highest quality buds. Indoor yields average approximately 5 ounces per square meter. While outdoors, 5 ounces per plant is common.

Growing Jack Herer Autoflowering Seeds.

With the vegetative and flowering phases combined, Jack Herer autoflowering only requires 8-9 weeks to fully develop, flower and mature. This allows for several crops to be grown over a single season. The yields are  not as large and exciting as harvests from ‘season-long’ grown plants. However, the dense, hard buds emit the same spicy-pine flavor and aroma.

Jack Herer autoflowering seeds are as strong and potent as you would expect from a strain of this name. High THC levels of approximately 20% combine with a medium 0.2% CBD content to invoke a fast-acting, relaxing high. Perfect for both day-time and evening use.

An energizing smoke that leaves the user relaxed and sociable without any ‘couch-locking’ lethargic effects.

Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice for fast harvests during the growing season. Their easy to grow characteristics make them highly popular with secretive ‘guerrilla growers’ in parts of the world where marijuana cultivation is prohibited.

Jack Herer autoflowering seeds are of the highest quality and available now. All sold including the very best stealth delivery methods and germination guaranteed.


You can buy Jack Herer Autoflowering seeds in packs of 5, 10 and 20 seed packs with prices starting from as little as $89.00.

All these Autoflowering Cannabis seeds are feminized, producing female only plants, and are included in the suppliers germination guarantee.

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