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Growing Autoflowering Seeds


Growing Autoflowering seeds can be one of the fastest ways to produce high quality Cannabis both indoors or outside if the climate is suitable. Offering exceptional quality from a wide variety of strains, these Cannabis seeds are perfect for beginners, as well as more experienced and guerrilla growers.


Autoflowering Seedlings

Many beginner growers do not realize that Autoflowering seeds have a vegetative stage and subsequently miss one of the most important stages in the plants development process.

Although short, the stage between the Cannabis seed sprout pushing through the growing medium, to forming the first pre-flowers is considered to be the vegetative stage. Autoflowering seed producers display one of two growing times, either germination to harvest, which includes this short time period. Or flowering time, which often does not.

The first 7 – 10 days will see the main stem appear, as well as first sets of leaves. During this time it is important to keep the seedling close to a cool light source. Maximum lumens are not necessary at this stage, and too much light or high will only damage your your plants.

Keep the watering light, so as not to drown the roots, and at this stage no nutrients are required.


Follow the video above for a more detailed description of the Autoflowering Seedling stage.

Achieving the best from your Autoflowering seeds can make the ounces of difference to the overall yield, this is what distinguishes an experienced grower from a novice, as well as the overall product quality.

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