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A 100% pure Indica strain, Granddaddy Purple seeds are a popular choice for growers around the world. They produce large, dense buds with a deep purple coloring as they achieve complete maturity.

Now available as Autoflowering seeds, the addition of the Ruderalis gene has made the strain easier to grow. Faster to mature, this gene gives the plants the ability to flower. Regardless of the number of hours of light or darkness they receive.

With no requirement for set hours of darkness, these Granddaddy Purple Autoflowering seeds grow, flower and completely mature in approximately 8 weeks from sprouting. Unlike traditional seeds they combine both of the plants stages, developing branches and producing buds simultaneously. This reduces the time the plants require to achieve peak ripeness to an absolute minimum.

Highly versatile, both indoor and outdoor growers will find these feminized Granddaddy Purple Autoflowering seeds quick and easy to grow. With little care or attention, the seeds will produce good quality harvests regardless of your level of experience.

Growing Granddaddy Purple Autoflowering Seeds.

With no pure growth stage, Granddaddy Purple Autoflowering seeds produce squat, compact plants that are easy to hid and disguise. A perfect choice for growing on a patio or balcony during the Summer months.

Give the plants as much strong, direct sunlight as possible to achieve the biggest and best harvests. Indoor growers are advised to run their lights at 18 hours on per day to achieve produce the best yields.

With the speed with which they grow, Granddaddy Purple Autoflowering seeds produce smaller yields than traditional feminized seeds. They produce between 4 – 6 oz per plant outdoors and similar, per square meter yields when growing indoors under good conditions.

The buds retain all the traits and characteristics of the original strain, including the sweet grape and fruity flavor. Expect dense buds with a colorful purple appearance.

A pure Indica strain, the 19% THC level and low CBD content produces a deeply relaxing ‘body-buzz’helping to ease both joint and muscular pain. Often used as a natural form of pain-relief, and for reducing stress, depression and insomnia.

Looking for a fast and easy strain to grow outdoors this Spring, or a quick-flowering indoor strain that requires no separate vegetative and flowering rooms? These Granddaddy Purple Autoflowering seeds are a perfect choice, producing high-quality harvests regardless of your level of experience.


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