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Gold Leaf Autoflowering Seeds Review

Buy Gold Leaf Auto SeedsA highly popular marijuana strain, Robert Bergman’s Gold Leaf seeds are now available as both conventional feminized and feminized autoflowering seeds.

A perfect choice for growing outdoors during the Summer months, Gold Leaf Autoflowering seeds are very easy to grow. They require very little knowledge or previous experience to produce a good quality harvest of tasty marijuana buds.

The simultaneous growing and flowering stages reduces the time it takes for the plant to completely mature to approximately 60 days. The plants generate their best harvests during the very height of Summer, when the sun is at its longest and strongest.

Completely feminized, these Gold Leaf Autoflowering seeds are 100% guaranteed to germinate. They produce pure female plants, devoid of any male chromosomes. Expect the strongest, stable and most vibrant female plant from every seed purchased.

Autoflowering seeds are quick, easy to grow and the perfect choice for the outdoor grower. Their reduced height and compact growth makes them easy to disguise and camouflage. An ideal choice for ‘guerrilla growers’.

Yields vary depending upon the number and strength of the daylight hours the plants receive. However, yields typically average approximately 160 grams per plant of good quality cannabis buds.

Gold Leaf cannabis seeds are well-known for producing flavour-some, aromatic buds with a generous coating of THC resin. None of these characteristics have been lost in the autoflowering version.

Enjoyed by both recreational and medicinal users alike, the combination of 60/40 Indica to Sativa genes produces a happy and uplifting high. Expect an average THC content of 21% and very high CBD levels.

Smooth on the taste buds with a combination of herbal, spicy and earthy flavors, it leaves users feeling happy, relaxed and euphoric, while reducing anxiety and stress.


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