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Autoflowering Collection


Green Label Seeds offers 5 incredible autoflowering seeds incorporating strong Marijuana genetics with autoflowering genes to produce high yielding, high quality automatic Cannabis.


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Green Label Seeds Autoflowering Collection


Auto Seeds - Automatic Mary

Automatic Mary

High quality Cannabis with an uplifting, energizing buzz.

Flowering Time: 60 – 67 Days

Height: 40 cm

Yield: Medium

THC: 12 – 14%


Auto Seeds - Automatic Widow

Automatic Widow

Glistening resin buds in less than 70 days from seed.

Flowering Time: 67 Days

Height: Medium

Yield: Medium

THC: 12 – 15%


Auto Seeds - Mega Bud

Auto Mega Bud

Mega weed in 73 days from seed.

Flowering Time: 73 Days

Height: 80 cm

Yield: Up to 180 grams per plant

THC: 14 – 16%


Auto Seeds - Silver Haze

Auto Silver Haze

Provides a glorious Sativa high to die for.

Flowering Time: 70 Days

Height: 50 cm

Yield: Medium

THC: 13 – 16%


Auto Seeds - Automatic Amnesia

Automatic Amnesia

Whacks you with potency.

Flowering Time: 79 Days

Height: 150 cm

Yield: Medium – High

THC: Medium


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