Auto Seeds




Find all the very best Auto Seeds quickly and easily with our Auto Seeds strain selector.

Many Cannabis growers already know which tastes and strains they prefer, and with an Autoflowering Seeds version of almost every variety now available, it has never been easier to find Auto Seed versions of your favorite feminized varieties.


Auto Seeds Collection


Auto Seeds - Afghan Kush Ryder


Afghan Auto Seeds

Fast flowering Indica based Auto Seeds.

Solid, dense buds.

5 different strains 


Auto Seeds - Auto Skunk 47


AK Auto Seeds

Hard hitting AK 47 in Auto Seed form.

World-wide favorite.

 9 different strains


Auto Seeds - Smurfberry


Blueberry Auto Seeds

Fast Flowering Blueberry Auto Seeds.

Blueberry fruit flavor.

11 different strains


Auto Seeds - Blue Invader


Blue Auto Seeds

Blue and Purple Colored Buds

Amazing Bag-o-Appeal.

 16 different strains


Auto Seeds - Auto Blue Cheese


Cheese Auto Seeds

Autoflowering strains with that unique Cheese taste and aroma.

UK  favorite indoor and outdoor.

15 different strains


Auto Seeds - Critical Rapido


Critical Auto Seeds

Huge yields using the popular Critical Cannabis strain.

Spanish favorite, easy for outdoor growing.

6 different strains


Auto Seeds - Sour Diesel Seeds


Diesel Auto Seeds

Lemon fuel tasting Cannabis buds with Diesel genetics

USA favorite now available as easy to grow Auto Cannabis seeds.

27 different strains


Auto Seeds - Ultra Lemon Haze


Haze Auto Seeds

Soaring Sativa highs and tremendous Medical Marijuana

Reduced flowering times with Autoflowering Haze seeds.

33 different strains


Auto Seeds - Kush Van Stitch


Kush Auto Seeds

Kush strains provide unique tasting Cannabis strains.

OG Kush is one of the most popular and tastiest strains available.

10 different strains


Auto Seeds - Northern Light Auto


Northern Lights Auto Seeds

Northern Lights was one of the first stable feminized Cannabis strains.

Now available as Auto Seeds with Indica potency and big yields.

8 different strains


Auto Seeds - Purple Ryder 2


Purple Auto Seeds

Purple Cannabis is extremely popular with excellent bag-appeal.

Perfect for Cannabis growers who want something different.

7 different strains


Auto Seeds - Shot Adrenaline


Skunk Auto Seeds

Skunk Cannabis is pungent, strong and highly desired by many smokers.

Perfect for outdoor growers, and indoor growing with odour control.

 17 different strains


Auto Seeds - White Widow Seeds


White Auto Seeds

White Cannabis acquired it’s name due to the abundance of white crystals that cover the buds and leaves.

Containing high levels of both THC and CBD, White strains are often used for Medical Marijuana.

11 different strains