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Autoflowering seeds, Cannabis seeds that grow and flower simultaneously, reducing the time it takes to go from ‘Seed-to-Weed’ to a minimum, and removing the need for 12 hours of constant darkness. 


Since 2011, Auto Seeds have promoted the very best in Autoflowering Seeds from the worlds leading Seed Banks and Cannabis companies. Updated with the latest breeders, as well as all the best autoflowering seeds, we have built up a following that have benefited from our reviews and advice, as well as receiving their chosen Auto seeds, together with a selection of free seed give-away’s.


Why Grow Autoflowering Seeds?


Autoflowering Seeds


Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

There are two advantages to growing Autoflowering Seeds compared to the more common feminized varieties;

Speed and the ability to flower in longer light hours. Often growers both indoors and outdoors are looking for a fast crop to fill a gap between main harvests, or, the fastest way to grow their own Cannabis. This is where Autoflowering seeds are perfect, and give many growers the ability to produce multiple crops in one season, or as quickly as possible in an indoor growing area.

Autoflowering seeds combine Indica and/or Sativa genetics with a wild, self-flowering form of Cannabis called Ruderalis. It is the addition of these once wild Ruderalis genetics that have allowed many of the well-known and awarded strains to become available in Autoflowering seed form.

Standard feminized Cannabis seeds grow in three distinct stages; Germination and sprouting. Vegetative growth. Flowering and Maturity. For the indoor Cannabis grower the transition from vegetative to flowering stages is achieved by reducing the light hours to allow for 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light. When grown outdoors, feminized Cannabis seeds will begin to flower as the days shorten to approximately 12 hours of sunlight. Once the required number of days flowering is achieved, the Marijuana plants are ready to harvest.

Autoflowering seeds differ as they only have two stages; Germination – Sprouting, and the Flowering stage. Once the plants have produce their first true leaves, usually around 10 – 14 days from germination, they will begin to show their first small white hairs as pre-flowering begins. Although the plant is but a few inches tall, Autoflowering Cannabis plants grow and flower simultaneously, and usually mature between 50 – 100 cm tall. These seeds grow, flower and mature quickly regardless of the number of light hours they receive, making them an ideal choice for flowering during the Summer months, when flowering a standard feminized Marijuana plant outdoors would be impossible without constantly removing it into a dark room daily.

Planting Autoflowering Seeds outdoors in the Spring and Summer will give any grower faster Cannabis buds to smoke than any feminized strain. While the longer hours of sunlight are encouraging the feminized varieties to grow, the Autoflowering seeds have sprouted and begun flowering. In fact, the longer the hours of sunlight these Autoflowering seeds receive, the bigger the final yield will be. Totally different to Regular or Feminized seeds who are encouraged to ‘grow only’ during the longer daylight hours.

Autoflowering Marijuana SeedsFor outdoor Cannabis growers this is the main advantage with Autoflowering seeds. While the main crop of Feminized or Regular Cannabis Seeds are growing, prior to the daylight hours shortening, the Autoflowering seeds are growing, flowering AND maturing, ready to harvest way before their standard counter-parts.


For indoor Cannabis growers the decision to grow Autoflowering seeds often stems from a wish to grow Cannabis fast, and from seed to weed, Autoflowering seeds can’t be beat. The reason for this is simple: The fastest type of Cannabis buds to flower,  mature and be ready to smoke are Indica. Every indoor grower allows at least a week or two of vegetative growth before reducing to a 12/12 light cycle, flowering now begins, and even the fastest Indica’s require around 40 days to form buds, mature and be ready to harvest.

From germination to complete maturity and harvest is possible in under 50 days with Autoflowering seeds. Several of the very best Cannabis seed companies have strains that are ready to harvest in under 50 days from germination, making them the fastest way to grow your own Cannabis.

There is one last advantage with many of the Autoflowering seeds available, they are perfect for beginners! While Marijuana and Cannabis may be called weed, growing high quality buds that satisfy, and are of sufficient quality to sell requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge (or beginners luck!) There is a wide variation between strains and this extends to their nutrient, air quality, water intake and temperature requirements. This is before you consider pest, bud and root rot, as well as over-feeding issues.

Fast Autoflowering Seeds reduces many of these problems because they are ready to harvest so quickly. Should a bug problem occur, it won’t be long until harvest, too quickly for them to take-hold and really infest the plant. With fast Autoflowering Seeds there is very little need for extra nutrients. Buy the best quality soil available from your local grow shop, use a minimum of 10 liter pots and just water them, perhaps adding a final flowering booster in the last 14 days.

Autoflowering seeds are becoming increasingly popular, and many smoker do not even realize they are smoking Autoflowering Cannabis instead of the more standard feminized varieties. For every taste, smell and high, there is an Autoflowering seeds counter-part. From Cheese to New York City Diesel, White Widow to Haze and all from respected and registered Cannabis seed breeders with excellent reputations for producing first class Cannabis and Marijuana seeds, only now, many are making those strains available as Autoflowering seeds.


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