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January 10, 2015

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Auto White Widow

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Auto Seeds - Auto White Widow

Auto White Widow Seeds
Seed Breeder : Bulk Seeds
Genetic Origin : White Widow / Lowryder 2
Pack sizes : 5 & 10 Auto Seedseeds
Available Seed Types : 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering / Harvest time : Short – 80 days seed to harvest
Yield : Medium Yield – 50 grams – 250 grams
Height : Short – Medium 60 cm – 150 cm
High THC

High resin variety.



Auto White Widow Seeds Review


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Growing weed from the White Widow strain is always a pleasure, and with these Auto White Widow Cannabis seeds from Bulk Seeds, pleasure is what it is all about.

Whether you are a medical grower, using the high CBD levels in those delicious white crystals to combat pain, stress or depression. Or you’re a recreational smoker that wants to take advantage of exceptional THC levels in all that beautiful resin. These are autoflowering cannabis seeds you really should be growing.

Delicious White Widow flavor takes on the beautiful floral notes of the Ruderalis to create a deeply satisfying taste which is going to have you bursting with energy, enthusiasm and not want to stop talking all night long.

She’s one for the masses, up to 130 grams is on offer from every plant you grow. She’s strong; she’s powerful and tastes like heaven.

There’s just nothing left wanting with Auto White Widow Marijuana seeds.


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