Auto Sour Diesel Haze Seeds

January 12, 2015

Diesel Auto Seeds




Auto Sour Diesel Haze

Flash Autoflowering Seeds


Auto Seeds - Sour Diesel Haze Seeds

Sour Diesel Haze Auto Seeds
Seed Breeder : Flash Autoflowering Seeds
Genetic Origin : Diesel Haze Autoflowering
Pack sizes : 3 Feminized or 8 Regular Auto Seeds
Available Seed Types : Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds
Flowering / Harvest time : 90 days seed to harvest
Yield : Medium Yield
Height : Medium
Medium THC

It´s never been so easy to grow Sativa Cannabis seeds



Sour Diesel Haze Auto Seeds Review.


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As experts in sativa Autoflowering Cannabis seeds, Flash Seeds have made something of a name for themselves already, but with the introduction of ‘true sativa’ strains such as Sour Diesel Haze Auto seeds, we can see that their legacy is going to go from strength to strength.

These incredible little Cannabis seeds have been created to take all of the essence of a high quality sativa, but convert it into an autoflowering strain with high productivity and reduced flowering times.

The results are a sturdy, reliable true sativa that can even survive in Europe’s most unpleasant environments making growing sativa dominant Cannabis more accessible for everyone.

This Sour Diesel Haze is a real doozy. Its strong smell emanates from the fruity, diesel ancestry which carries through into a delicious harvest ready in under 90 days.

The dreamy high that the fueled Cannabis strains are so famous for, really comes out in the Sour Diesel Haze Auto, giving you a sense of euphoria and creativity without locking you to the couch.

Sour Diesel Haze Auto cannabis seeds are ideal for relief from stress, depression and pain or simply for forgetting about your day and having a night to remember.


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