Auto Jotamayuscula Purple

March 13, 2015




Auto Jotamayuscula Purple

Delicious Seeds


Auto Seeds - Jotamayuscula Purple

Jotamayuscula Purple Auto Seeds
Seed Breeder : Delicious Seeds
Genetic Origin : OG Kush x Purple Kush Auto
Pack sizes : 1, 3, 5 & 10 Auto Seeds
Available Seed Types : Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering / Harvest time : 45-50 days from seed/Harvest April-November
Yield : 50-70 grams per plant
Height : Short
Medium THC High CBD

Fast autoflowering strain with high CBD



 Jotamayuscula Purple Auto Seeds Review.


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In collaboration with Rapper Jotamayuscula, Delicious Seeds have incorporated all the appeal of high quality Purple Cannabis into autoflowering Cannabis seeds that seem to grow all on their own.

Jotamayuscula Purple Auto seeds are so easy to cultivate, even someone who has never grown weed before could cause a stir, and for those that know what they’re doing, the possibilities are endless.

Her flavor is sensational and the effect is pure pleasure, all from plants that never reach a meter high.

Ruderalis and Purple genetics keep this short plant really stocky, so that yields of up to 30 grams per plant are on offer when growing weed indoors, but take her outside and this beauty can rocket, making 150 grams per plant much more likely.

Sativa dominance gives that maximum 13% sativa strength the power to offer an uplifting and positive high, just perfect for relieving stress or depression, but that Indica support still offers a beautiful physical calm that makes this a really nice day time smoke.

Jotamayuscula Purple Auto is not never going to be too harsh or knock you off your feet, but she will give you a really nice ride, and when things are this good, why would you ever want to resist?


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