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January 24, 2015

63 Day Auto Seeds




Automatic Mary

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Auto Seeds - Automatic Mary

Automatic Mary Auto Seeds
Seed Breeder : Green Label Seeds
Genetic Origin : Santa Maria x Ruderalis
Pack sizes : 3 & 5 Auto Seeds
Available Seed Types : 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering / Harvest time : Short – 63 days seed to harvest
Yield : Medium
Height : Short 40 cm
12-14% THC

Produces exceptional high quality Cannabis with an uplifting energizing high in 9 weeks from seed.



Automatic Mary Auto Seeds Review.


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Automatic Mary by Green Label Seeds is a cross between Santa Maria and Ruderalis, you can expect high quality plants, whose buds produce a sweet flavor, and mind blowing potency.

Perfect for an all day smoke, the high is uplifting and energizing without knocking you dead to the floor, and whilst the aroma is distinctly fruity, it isn’t overwhelming.

If you’re planning on doing some covert growing, Automatic Mary is ideal. It maxes out at around 40 cm, and is truly inconspicuous.

Taking just 9 weeks to grow from seed to bud, multiple yearly harvests are possible, and, with it being an automatic strain, you won’t need to worry about changing the lights. A beginner could grow it with ease!

With a small footprint, a decent THC content of between 12-14%, and a great flavor, Automatic Mary Cannabis seeds are a great choice.


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