Auto 420

February 24, 2015

75 Day Auto Seeds




Auto 4:20

Biohazard Seeds


Auto Seeds - Auto 420

Auto 4:20
Seed Breeder : Biohazard Seeds
Genetic Origin : Mazar x Auto Deimos
Pack Sizes : 3 and 5 Auto Seeds
Available Seed Types : Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Time/Harvest : 75 Days from seed
Height : 60 – 150 cm
Yield : Medium 50 – 150 grams per plant
10 – 15% THC

A relaxing Indica perfect for 4:20 time.



4:20 Auto Seeds Review.


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4:20 Auto by Biohazard Seeds is one of the largest of autoflowering varieties with high production, robust and easy to grow.

It comes from crosses of the biggest ” Auto” varieties on the market so far: Deimos x Mazar, both powerful with abundant resin.

It is a reliable producer of high quality Cannabis, whether grown in earth, coco or hydro system.

This plant is large in size, growing both height and crosswise. It is very compact and sturdy with large, dark green foliage.

It’s flavor is sweet and acid finish, its effect is relaxing and enjoyable.

The Auto 420 is a plant that will give you as you give them. If you want large plants, use a good-sized pots or grown in hydro or aeroponic, if you want to produce more unnoticed plants, use smaller pots or few watts.


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