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Buddha Seeds Syrup

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Buddha Seeds Syrup

Feminised Autoflowering Seeds, Buddha Seeds Syrup

The new Buddha Seeds Syrup is the latest release from Buddha seeds. This feminised Autoflowering hybrid was created by crossing the sweetest tasting Indica cannabis strains with the Buddha Seeds autoflowering varieties. This produced the all new and anticipated Buddha Seeds Syrup.

Buddha Seeds Syrup Buddha Seeds Syrup has a remarkable fruity flavour with hints of both elderberry and ginger, giving it a spicy undertone, giving it a very favourable flavour, however, it is not the taste that truly defines this Autoflowering strain, it's true beauty lies in the potency.

 Producing dense, hard Indica buds, the Buddha Seeds Syrup is fantastic for medicinal use, due to it's heavy narcotic effects. If you like hard hitting, couch locking cannabis strains then this one is worthy of consideration. With the consistency and high regard that we have all come to believe in when dealing with Buddha Seeds, we here at Auto Seeds Bank can recommend the new Buddha Seeds Syrup to both the novice gardener, or the more experienced grower.

 Grown indoors the Buddha Seeds Syrup is ideal for a sea-of-green system, whilst outdoors it remains discreet enough to grow on balconies or discreetly blended into a garden.

 Buddha Seeds Syrup is ready in approximately 2 months, Buddha Seeds say that Buddha Seeds Syrup is ready in 57 days, however, we here at Auto Seeds Bank would recommend an extra few days for this Indica based feminised autoflowering seed.

 For more information about any of the Buddha Seeds Collection or to buy Buddha Seeds Syrup click below.

Buddha Seeds

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