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Lowlife Cannabis Seeds, AK 47.

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AK 47 Lowlife Cannabis Seeds.

Coming in a packet of five seeds which have been feminised, this is the new brand of the variant of the lowlife AK 47 which bring the best of the dwarf cannabis plants which give the best tastes and aromas in comparison to others. This is an auto flowering variety which means that this is an easy way in which one can start growing their plants which is pretty difficult incase the plants which are being grown are not auto flowering. This, as has been said, is a hybrid of one of the best selections of the AK 47 and the auto-flowering variety of the Lowryder which makes this one of the strongest combinations of the above mentioned types and hence this one is pretty good in more ways than one. The best qualities of the two have been pulled from these two variants and they still retain these qualities in them. There is the great aroma and resin from the AK 47 variety along with the great potency. What the Lowryder brings to the plate is the quality of this plant, which will make it such that it can grow everywhere, indoors as well as outdoors or even in secured green houses. It implies that a good quality of marijuana is now available for every person who wants to grow cannabis.

Coming to Autoflowering, these plants are molded genetically such that they auto flower depending upon time and not the light cycles which other wise affect that growth of the plant. This means that the Automatic strain of the AK47 which has been feminised will propagate itself in a vegetative manner for two weeks and only then does it grow into a full grown bushel when it starts to branch out and mature after the resin glands are formed which gives the glistening look for the plants which is seen usually. In terms of the aroma and the tastes, this variety is quite distinct as the smell and the aroma of this one is pretty strong and unique to itself.

As for the aroma, there are two types, which are there in the market. One is rather spicy and there is another one, which is a tad, bit on the sweeter side. This gives the grower has a greater capacity to work with the strains as now they can experiment successfully and not have to depend on only the strains which were tried and tested and they would just remain restricted towards that only. Now this AK47 Automatic germinating plant makes it such that the people can marijuana in conditions which otherwise would not work and the plants would not be able to ripen in the conditions, which prevail. However, the sad thing is that this variety only gives marijuana which is of average quality at best, however the best thing is that this will actually give you a number of crops every season and in fact you can keep on harvesting throughout the year in the indoors.

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